vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Search Engine Normalization - SEN

The reality is that Internet search engines establish certain rules governing ‘behavior’ of websites. But, these search engines don’t tell us what rules are. However some search engine rules are well known such as not to be a spamy, malicious and links farm website, and, websites must apply to these good behavior rules. Thus there is not such a thing as search engine optimization (SEO), but rather search engine normalization (SEN). Really, how can you optimize an object without certain optimization criteria’s? Semantically, it is a nonsense.

As Confucius said, if names are not right, words are misused. I think that search engine normalization is a proper description of what Internet marketers are doing. Namely, they normalize websites in order to be indexed in search engines, and nothing more than that. Having said that, we can confirm this reality by introducing term search engine normalization (SEN).

Actually it is inevitable, because search engines govern the rules or imply those. Do we like it or not, but it's hard reality in the Internet world. So, let us normalize websites instead of optimize them.